"a boy who likes boys is a dead boy, unless
                                            he keeps his mouth shut,
which is what you
                              didn’t do,
because you are w e a k and h o l l o w and it doesn’t matter anymore.”[x]

[one of ?]


50 shades of shut the fuck up about this book i’ve read better smut written by virgin teenagers for free

LOL.  Bonus answer—


"The Guardians of the Galaxy consist of members that are very selfish for the most part. They find something worth fighting for." -Chris Pratt (x)

Sebastian Stan talking about the crew’s nicknames for him on set 


 what the hell is wrong with me,
    I don’t fit in with anybody,
    how could this happen to me? 



Have you ever been so delirious after reading for a while that you find yourself accidentally narrating all of the things you do inside your head?

Marvel Studios Panel - Comic-Con International 2014

nobody makes my decisions for me. nobody. this is my choice, okay? my choice.